I’m not sure if many of you know that I’ve recently become a Mother. Being a new Mother has opened my eyes to an entirely new life as an individual. I’ve now realized that I’ve been groomed to love and serve as a Mother my whole life. This is what women were made for. To be kind, protective and nurturing. I must say that initially, it was very hard to carry a child for nine months. There were many nights that I said to myself, “I can’t do this!” But it was in those nights, that I found a new strength.

This was a strength that I thought I did not have in me. I realized that I had a purpose, and my purpose at that moment was to give my unborn child life. So with this new found strength, I pushed  and pulled myself to move in the right direction. I fought countless days of morning sickness, aches and pains, and severe tiredness. I was at that moment determined to be strong and overcome this challenge. Now that I have my sweet baby girl, there are still challenges, but for me it is all worth it.

I am a new Woman. I push myself  even harder now because I feel like I have someone to live for, and  to fight for. She deserves everything that I didn’t have. I want to create wonderful memories for her, and give her the opportunities that I didn’t have growing up as a child. When I go to work everyday, I go there with a new attitude and with purpose. I say to myself “I am here for a reason and I was born for a reason, so I will carry out my purpose in life”.  I would like for all of you reading this to know that if you are a new mom, it can be tough at times, but we were made for this, and  we can make it! We are leaders and our little ones are looking up to us, and watching our every move.

For Haven,  4/3/2016

Darrisa the Expert


Take a Stand

You must have a competitive spirit in all that you do. Everyone has some unique thing to offer in life. I’m sure that you do also. Be bold in using your gifts and talents. Make sure to stand out in the midst of 20. Go after that new job, or new course at your university. Take charge, but remember to also be humble. Stay meek, and remember to be willing to learn new things. This is a signifying way to grow.


Sometimes it may seem so hard to focus when we live in a world full of distractions and opinions. We might sometimes feel we need to know where to fit in, or where to channel our thoughts. We can tackle just about anything we put our minds to but it’s very crucial that when you start something, you finish it. When you start a task, make sure you complete it while doing it at the best of your ability. This will definitely require much patience and drive, but I believe that you can do it!

Silent Flight

Many of you may be hunters, and may not even know it. If you’ve never hunted before I’m going to show you how to hunt. I’m going to teach you a method I created called “Silent Flight”. To begin with, you need to determine your prey. Now when I say prey, I am referencing to maybe tackling that new management position that just posted on your jobs website, raising your Gpa, or maybe competiting with a colleague on a business project. I’m going to show you the tools you will need in order to go after your aspirations in full force. See the objective behind your obstacles!

Identifying the Prey: Assess and observe your prey. Study, research, and consume yourself in what you will do once you capture it. This simply means that you will put maximum effort into learning about what your interested in. If your not interested in something, you will never be strengthened by it. People who work dead in jobs, produce dead work.

Engage in an Upright Stance: Nothing without God is possible. It is crucial, crucial, crucial that you include God in all your decisions and ideas. He is the one who gave you these ideas from the beginning, so in all your ways acknowledge him. It is also important that you stand up straight and tall, with your head held high. Have confidence in yourself! People who slouch, and look down at the ground when they walk send insecurity waves through the atmosphere. We were all made in God’s image, so act like that of which you were created.

Binocular Vision: Learn to possess binocular vision. With this type of vision, you can break the camouflage of a possible competitor. People are running out of ideas, so therefore everyone is just copying everyone. Beyonce couldn’t haven’t worded her comment to Wendy Williams any perfectly saying ” Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” So be your own person and practice individuality. It’s nothing wrong with being in solitude and being introverted at times.That’s when you find yourself.

Enhance your depth and height perceptions, by knowing that their aren’t any limits. You can either take off heading towards the sky, or you can fall drastically to the ground because you didn’t have a plan. With this knowledge you with start to take off in silent flight. Everybody doesn’t need to hear you talk about what your going to do. Just do it! People aren’t taken by surprise on what you say your going to do, they want to see results. Move in silence, but with precise direction.


Fearless: To be, or not to be!

To be.. or not to be! That is the question.

Okay, let’s keep it real! I know that it’s extremely easy to say to someone “Don’t be afraid, you got it!” However, now actually acting in fearlessness; now that’s a challenge. But ultimately anything can be accomplished, and it all starts with YOU. There may be some of you out there who may have ambitions of owning your own business, buying a home, stepping out into a music etc.

The time to start is now, so stop procrastinating, or thinking you’re not good enough. Learn starting today to take risks, and make moves. When you’re thinking of taking a leap into something new, don’t be so quick to rant to other people your plans.

Unfortunately, everyone isn’t going to be happy with your new success endeavors so move in silence, but with precise direction. Stay on task, and work on your ambitions daily. The more effort you put into your dreams, the better the result. Remember that in the beginning of your adventures, it all started with an idea.

The Value of Marriage

Many people view marriage in many different aspects. On a religious note, marriage is viewed as a sacred form of uniting two people spiritually, physically, and mentally together before God and submitting their lives solely to God. This notion is formed in a triangular shape with God at the tip of the formation and the husband and wife in the bottom corners. With the husband and wife in the two bottom corners indicates that they are both equals. Therefore GOD also speaks on submission regarding the husband and wife. In my opinion, I don’t feel that marriage should be the ultimate objective of your life; but I do feel that God has intended that we partner up in this life to love one another with agape love and to also multiply the earth. Despite what statistics may say about marriage and divorce rates, alot of marriages can be saved by including God in your marriages by daily prayer and submission to one another.

Marriage and Divorce rates in America 2015

§          41 percent of first marriages end in divorce.

§          60 percent of second marriages end in divorce.

§          73 percent of third marriages end in divorce.

We can change these numbers by sticking it out in our relationships and by trusting God. Let’s make a change today!



Hello Everyone! My name is Darrisa Daniels, and I am currently a Business Major in my second year of school. I plan to blog 2-3 times a week. Please feel free to leave any feedback and comments!

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Darrisa The Expert